Black Dawn

Real Name: Dorrin Merrid
Codename: Black Dawn
Age: Unknown
Place of Birth: Algar the Royal Palace, Merridia
Citizenship: Merridian God
First Appearance: The Twelve

Powers and Abilities: Black Dawn's total power is second only to his father and King of the Merridian Gods, Corvus, and in some instances, his uncle, Gorgon Ray. Like this father Corvus, but to a lesser degree, Black Dawn possesses the ability to see into future events as they unfold on Merridia. Like all the other gods, he can survey the whole of the entire planet from the Merridian Heavens. Black Dawn possesses super strength five times that of all Merridian gods and is exceeded in strength only by his father Corvus (to an incalculable degree) and brother Mastadon (x2).

Black Dawn possesses the Gauntlets of Gorgon Ray, created and once wielded by his uncle Gorgon, which are capable of draining the energy of anyone it comes into contact with, and if held long enough, death will occur, even to Gods not of the Merrid Line. The Gauntlets of Gorgan Ray are so powerful that they nearly allowed Gorgon Ray to supplant Corvus brother as king. In addition to draining energy, the gauntlets of capable of providing surges of power 10 times that of the wearer's normal abilities, by drawing from the Fires of Creation used to forge them. The Gauntlets of Gorgan Ray was the master creation of Gorgon until he created the Hand of Destruction.

Black Dawn also wields The Black Moon Blade. The blade was forged from metal taken from the Black Moon. The blade is made of an indestructible black metal, imbued with the power of the moonlight. With it, Black Dawn can pierce or break through almost every surface on Merridia, absorb energy blasts and hurl them back, and he may also wield the blade without touching it with his hand, as it will answer to his thoughts and voice.

Black Dawn possesses an array of telepathic abilities, light speed travel, teleportation across galaxies, flight, invulnerability, godly senses at nearly incalculable levels, the ability to survive the vacuums of space, breathe under water, perceive movement in microscopic detail, is a highly skilled swordsman, and a highly exceptional hand to hand combatant.